Safe Key sequencing access systems serve as safety devices on equipment and hazardous areas.

A safe key sequencing system can be defined as a device that prevents you from making an inappropriate action, or adjusts the system to a safe state if you make an inappropriate action.

In the context of safety, safe key sequencing systems can prevent a user from making unsafe actions, or minimize the hazard of unsafe actions by rendering the machine in a safe condition when an unsafe action takes place. For example, a guard may be interlocked to prevent machine operation when the guard is removed, or a control may be interlocked to make it non-operational should a dangerous condition result. Safe key sequencing systems may have additional or combined features to reduce hazards.
Thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the key transfer principle, our safe sequence systems guarantee that your operator will follow the safety

process step by step before accessing to a dangerous area or machinery.
These safety systems can be used today by industry sectors such as: Energy, building industry, Steel, Chemical/Petrochemical, Marine, Trains, Tram, Airports, Food & Beverage, etc.

The Key Transfer

“More than a principle ... The way forward to optimum safety”

Based on the idea that a key can not be in two places at the same time, our locking systems force operators to perform a predetermined sequence, particularly in relation to maintenance and operating requirements. In its most basic form, the key transfer principle involves the positive locking of the power source and access point of a machine, with locks operated by a single common key. Our extensive range of locks permits the locking of most control circuits, switchgear and access points.
This technology, is considered to be the most effective form of industrial safety.

By this method, you have the guarantee that all your hazardous work areas are protected with maximum security. This technology, is considered to be the most effective form of industrial safety protection, and can be completely automated.
The devices are cost effective, quick and easy to install.

A simple system might consist of two locks and a single key.
Safe access is enabled through transfer of keys that are either trapped or released in a safe sequence. For example a key is used to the isolate power, this key is then released and can then be used to gain access through a gate or door to a high risk area by inserting it in to an access lock. The key will then remain trapped until the gate or door is closed. A personnel or safety key can be released from the access lock, this ensures that the gate or door can not be closed and the initial key released until this personnel or safety key is returned. This provides increased operator safety.
- Substantial reduction of worker accidents.
- Easy to install and to integrate on your working process.
- Predetermined sequence of actions to follow in order to gain access to a dangerous area or machine.

INTERLOCK safety products are divided in to four groups



If your valve is:
In a hazardous area, below water, in a confined space, where noxious fugitive emissions prevail.
Or where valves are just simply out of reach – the Remotely Operated Safety FlexiDrive Valve System is the answer.






The cable system can be passed through walls, bulkheads, floors and any other obstacles to reach the valve.

FlexiDrive is a very versatile product consisting of two stations, joined by a unique patented linear drive cable.
This equipment enables valves and other wheel operated devices in remote, hard-to-reach or hazardous
locations to be operated easily from a conveniently located handwheel.
Developed to operate valves in inaccessible locations, FlexiDrive can be applied to any conventional wheel-operated
valve/device, in oil, gas and chemical processing plants, or any other industrial application. It is suitable for underwater
use and will function reliably in all climatic conditions.
The cable system can deliver adequate torque output for most manual valve situations and can transmit drive to a valve
up to 60 metres from the operator station. The flexible cable system facilitates up to 540° of bends in the cable run.
FlexiDrive is available in two sizes: LV for large valves and SV for small valves. Our engineers will select the most appropriate
system for your application.

Practically any industry where valves are used would benefi t from the FlexiDrive System. The system can be designed to meet strict safety guidelines and regulatory body requirements.






Wall/floor & bulk head penetrations are available, subject to applications and or industry e.g. Marine, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, and Industrial.