Scrubbing & SO2 Emissions Compliance Monitoring the easy way

Are you sure you are compliant?

With Port Authorities around the world increasingly taking measures against polluting from ships, one available method for shipping companies to reduce the amount of SOx emissions being produced is by installing an approved Exhaust Gas Cleaning System alternatively known as a scrubber. Wet scrubber systems are highly effective in reducing SOx emissions as they scrub the exhaust gas from the engines with sea water which washes the sulphur out of the exhaust gas. The water is then collected, purified and discharged into the sea according to the IMO’s regulations.

Monitoring a SOx scrubber on a ship is a challenge due to wet and corrosive gases. Furthermore, in such environment, gas sampling systems will requiring high levels of maintenance in order to operate correctly. Sigma Hellas solves this problem with portable cost effective and user friendly emission analyzers that can be used to check the SOx emissions for stack scrubber efficiency.

The first option for Efficiency Measurements is Model 350.

The measuring instrument is fitted with an O2 measuring cell as standard. One additional sensor is fitted for low range SO2 measurement (0...200ppm), in order to adapt the 350 optimally to the respective measurement task. The sensor can be exchanged/replaced directly by the user, minimizing service times.

Three slots are available to you for additional gas measurement parameters. This means you can select freely from CO, COlow, NOlow, NO2. You need no additional sensors for different - measuring ranges – that lowers costs!

Therefore with the basic version of the analyzer (that includes an O2 sensor) and the low range SO2 sensor, a special heated gas sampling probe, giving an accuracy of +2 ppm (0…39.9 ppm), battery charger and you have a completely portable, easy to use within minutes, system to check your scrubbing efficiency.

Short term testing: Just define the test program, push the start button, and the analyzer will do all the work. With a huge internal memory, you do not need to have a computer on-site. Testing time, fresh-air time, data logging rate are all user-defined. Data will be automatically saved to any location specified by you. The test data can be printed on site or downloaded to a computer in the comfort of your office.

Long-term monitoring: Special design features enable the 350 emission analyzer to perform long-term testing. With a huge internal memory (250,000 data points), your testing can go on for weeks if not months. The automatic program has extensive testing capabilities. Start and stop a test on a certain date or for a defined length of time. Simply define the time for sampling, the rate for data logging, and the length of time for the fresh air purge. The analyzer can print the test with a calculated mean average or as single discreet measurements or download to the software program.

Of course the standard 350 analyzer can also measure, gas temperature, draught, pressure, efficiency, and can be upgraded to measure three additional gases (from CO2, CO, NO, & NO2).

Additional applications to checking scrubber performance are Turbocharger oxygen sufficiency monitoring and Verification of CO2 reduction & trend monitoring, as well as boiler adjustment.

The second option for Official Emissions Compliance Measurements is the top of the range MARPOL Annex VI certified 350-MARITIME model, fitted with: O2, CO, CO2-(IR), NO, NO2 and SO2, incl.gas preparation, differential pressure sensor, 2 temperature probe inputs,connection data-bus, fresh air valve for long-term measurement, integrated battery, integrated combustion air probe (NTC), trigger input, measurement datastore, USB interface-Control-Unit 350-MARITIME V2-Robust protection case with trolley function. 350-MARITIME is the only portable emissions analyzer with a type approval (GL) for NOx  measurements in compliance with MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code (direct measurement).