VP2 a wireless affordable Weather Station

A weather station with complete suite of wireless solar powered sensors for wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, dewpoint, inside/outside temperature and rainfall for meteorological measurements.
The VP2 wireless weather station includes a desktop console which includes an LCD display and keypad plus internal barometric, humidity and temperature sensors for indoor measurements. The wireless integrated sensor suite (ISS) includes windspeed, wind direction, rain gauge, air temperature and a humidity sensor to provide a comprehensive set of meteorology measurements.

The VP2 Plus wireless weather station has a solar radiation and UV sensor in addition to the standard meteorological sensors.

Both the VP2 and Pro2 Plus weather stations have as standard a radiation shield for improved accuracy of the temperature and humidity measurement. For even better accuracy there is also the option for a solar powered fan aspirated radiation shield (FARS).

An additional option includes software and a data logging module which is installed into the back of the VP2 wireless weather station and allows you to produce weather trend reports with graphs & summaries, create your own weather website or participate in international weather related science programmes.

The distance between the weather station console and a wireless sensor station can be up to 300 metres (1000 feet) in the line of sight or 60 to 120 metres (200 to 400 feet) through walls.

For greater distances solar powered wireless repeaters can be added with each extending the range by 300 metres (1000 feet) in line of sight or 60 to 120 metres (200 to 400 feet). These can be daisy chained to link with a distant sensor station or network up to 8 sensor stations to a maximum distance of 1 km.

Parts included with base model are desktop console, AC adaptor, wireless integrated sensor suite and clamping brackets.

A cable version model is also available.

Sensor Types & Specifications

  • Barometric pressure - 542 to 1130 mbar absolute range, ±1mb accuracy
  • Relative humidity - 0 to 100% RH range, ±3-4% outside and ±5% inside accuracy
  • Dewpoint - -76 to +54 Degrees Celsius (-105 to +130 DegF), ±1.5 DegC (±3 DegF) accuracy
  • Rainfall - 0 to 9999 mm (0 to 99.99 inches) daily/strom range, 0 to 19999 mm (0 to 199.99 inches) monthly/annual range, ±4-5% or ±0.25 mm (±0.01 inches) of total accuracy, whichever is the greater
  • Rain rate - 1 to 1999.9 mm/hr (0.04 to 100 inches/hr) range, ±5% or ±1 mm/hr (±0.04 inches/hr) rain rate accuracy, whichever is the greater
  • Solar radiation (Plus version only) - 0 to 1800 W/m2 range, ±5% solar radiation accuracy
  • Sunrise & sunset - 1 minute accuracy
  • Indoor temperature - 0 to +60 degC (+32 to +140 degF) range, ±0.5 DegC (±1 DegF) typical accuracy
  • Outdoor temperature - -40 to +65 deg C (-40 to +150 deg F) range, ±0.5 DegC (±1 DegF) typical accuracy
  • Temperature, humidity, sun, wind index (Plus version only) - -68 to +64 deg C (-90 to +135 deg F) range, ±2 degC (±4 degF) accuracy
  • Ulta violet (UV) radiation dose (Plus version only) - 0 to 199 MEDs range, ±5% of daily total UV radiation dose accuracy
  • Ultra Violet (UV) radiation index (Plus version only) - 0 to 16 index, ±5% of full scale
  • Wind chill - 1 degC (1 degF) accuracy
  • Clock - ±8 seconds/month accuracy