Coating Thickness Meter - Model 6000

Rugged, fully electronic gages use magnetic and eddy current principles to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, accurately and quickly.


  • Instant Automatic Calibration traceable to NIST - certificate included
  • Auto power-up on Built-In Probe gages; Autopower-down on all gages
  • Easily adjustable to any known thickness
  • RESET feature instantly restores factory settings
  • Instructions on back of each gage


  • Wear-resistant sapphire probe tip on REGULAR and BUILT-IN Probes
  • Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant
  • Readings unaffected by vibration
  • One year warranty

Unique Combination Gage (FN models)

  • ONE gage measures on ALL metals using only ONE probe!
  • Automatic Ferrous/Non-Ferrous selection
  • Eliminates confusion and possible operator error
  • Measures galvanizing on steel, anodizing on aluminum, paint and powder on any metal, chrome on steel and more!
  • Unique "N-Lock" feature for measuring over slightly magnetic substrates; i.e. clear-coat on gold over nickel plated brass
  • Available in both Built-in and Separate Probe configurations
  • The ideal choice for Powder Coaters

Seperate Probes

  • Interchangeable probes; instant and automatic probe recognition
  • Quality high flex cables resist breakage
  • Extended cables available (up to 250ft / 75m) for underwater or remote measuring
  • Constant pressure REGULAR Probes ground-and-honed for optimum accuracy
  • Heavy-duty. gold-plated, locking connector for industrial environments
  • All constant-pressure probes feature a "V" groove and chamfered sides; ideal when measuring ID`s and OD`s
  • NEW - Thick Ferrous (FHS) Probe for thick epoxy, rubber or fireproof coatings

Basic (1) Models

  • Mils / Microns switchable
  • Easily adjustable to any known thickness
  • Average ZERO feature: ideal for zeroing on rough surfaces
  • Indicator light
  • Flip display feature
  • RESET feature instantly restores factory settings

Standard (2) Models

  • All Basic (1) Gage features plus
  • Average and standard deviation instantly displayed
  • HiLo feature audibly & visually alerts when measurements exceed your specified limits

Memory Models

  • All Basic (1) and Standard (2) Gage features plus
  • Memory storage of 5,000 readings in up to 100 groups
  • Calculates mean, min/max thickness, standard deviation and number of measurements by group
  • SSPC PA-2 capability; calculates the average of a set of average readings
  • Outputs readings as they are taken or stores them in memory for later download
  • Supplied with Windows®-based Statistical Analysis software
  • Supplied with RS-232 serial cable for data output to IBM-compatible computer, serial printer or data collector.
  • New - built-in infra-red transmitter. Gage transmits data to optional, low-cost infra-red printer without connectors or cables

Wireless Printing

Gage transmits data to optional, low-cost, battery-powered infra-red printer, without connectors or cables (serial cable included for conventional printers).