Portable Dew Point Meter (-100 ... +20 °Ctd) Sigma 520

Sigma 520 portable dew point meter offers users a single hand held unit to perform on site measurements in compressed air systems.

The unique sensor system, which combines a QCM and a Polymer sensor in a single unit, enables the user to measure the dew point in a range from -100 °C Td up to +20 °C Td without having any drawbacks in terms of accuracy. The integrated pressure sensor allows to convert the measured value into any humidity value needed, for example ppm(v) or atmospheric dew point.

Sigma 520 portable dew point meter offers an unique dew point end value prediction algorithm as a built-in technology.Based on the dew point measurement curve our algorithm is able to predict the end value before actually reaching the end value.This feature enables the user to predict the dew point end value in a minimum amount of time. It helps on-site engineers to save time and to perform faster dew point audits.The dew point end value prediction is a part of the smart features.
With the smart features option, users also get a 5 Megapixel camera and the snapshot function for quick measurement logging.
The integrated indicator for ISO 8573 shows the measured, the predicted and the target class of the systems dew point in regards to the ISO 8573-1.

Sigma 520 comes with two options of measurement ranges:
The standard sensor unit has a measurement range of -100... +20 °C Td and comes with an integrated pressure sensor.
The economic sensor unit offer the user a range of -50... +50 °C Td.

✓ Measures dew point temperature and pressure in one device
✓ Sensor selection according to your needs
✓ -100... +20 °C Td with pressure sensor as standard version