Clinically pure breathing air

Due to the large volume of air that most hospitals consume, on-site production is normally the most practical and cost effective method of supply. This is accomplished by compressing ambient air with medical air compressors which have to be strictly maintained and ensure that the risk of contamination is minimized as much as possible.

Medical grade compressed air is used for a variety of applications, ie respiratory systems or processes, ventilation, substitute for nitrous oxide in anaesthesia, instruments, and pneumatically powered surgical tools. These compressed air systems normally have filters or special scrubbers to remove carbon monoxide and other pollutants, but this is not enough, as the system has to be tested and verified (or certified) on a regular basis.

For the frequent spot checks of the compressed-air quality in the medical field, we offer now our model 600, a Portable All-in-One compressed air purity plug and play analyzer that measures, records and validates

· Dew point

· Oil vapor

· Particle Concentration

· Pressure & Temperature

This portable analyzer combines latest sensor technology, software-guided measurements and a time-saving setup into a handy, touchscreen-controlled multi-tool. With our portable analyzer you will finish measurement runs within minutes.