174T - Mini Data Logger

1-channel temperature logger, incl. wall bracket, battery (2 x CR 2032 lithium) and calibration protocol

The mini data logger for temperature, 174T, is ideal for accompanying transports. Simply positioned close to the goods, e. g. in containers and refrigerated rooms, the data logger monitors temperature continuously, securely and unobtrusively. The free software ComSoft 174 allows fast programming of the data logger and easy analysis.

Product Benefits:

High data integrity, even with empty battery
Large measurement data memory
Watertight in accordance with IP65
Compact and robust
Conforms to EN12830
Issue of alarms via display
Data transfer to the PC via USB interface
Reliable temperature measurement for the monitoring of cold chains and sensitive goods during storage and transport
Easy readout of data and transfer to a PC via USB interface

In order to operate you require the docking station (0572 0500). This is included in the price when purchasing a set.

Monitoring and documentation of the temperature in cold rooms

Monitoring and documentation of the temperature in cold rooms

Many foods and drugs have to be stored within a specific cold temperature range. This can be done in individual cooled store rooms, but also in specialised cold stores or cold warehouses with high-rack facilities.

The temperature must be continuously documented in all these cold storage facilities, because strict rules apply to quality management in both the food and drugs industries.

Data loggers are usually installed at the so-called critical control points (CCPs) of the cold room, in order to identify any possible temperature deviations and to introduce appropriate countermeasures. Critical points are for instance doors or passages through to other temperature areas within a warehouse.

Monitoring and documentation of transport temperature

For all goods which react sensitively to temperature fluctuations or have to be stored within a predefined temperature range, uninterrupted measurement data recording and documentation play a major role.

Incorrect temperature conditions during transport can lead to major losses of quality, including the total loss of value of the products that require monitoring.

Using a data logger, shipments can be checked for compliance with the specified temperature ranges and the data can then be read, analysed and archived by means of special software.

Technical data

Memory 16.000 readings
Storage temperature -40 to +70 °C
Operating temperature -30 to +70 °C
Battery type 2 lithium batteries (CR2032)
Dimensions 60 x 38 x 18,5 mm



Measuring range -30 to +70 °C
Accuracy ±0,5 °C (-30 to +70 °C)
Resolution 0,1 °C

Other Temperature Loggers


A datalogger designed for installation in the driver´s cabin. Connected temperature probes are located in chilled or frozen space behind. A print out of the record is possible any time.

Main printer/logger applications: Food or pharmaceuticals transport

Delivery Ticket, Journey Ticket and Multi Day printouts
selectable numerical and graphical print-out
print from the last record to the history till button is pressed
print up to set hour in current day
print of set number of hours to the history
fast print to usual 57mm thermo paper in 10m rolls
large graphic illuminated display
indication of temperature exceeding by LED and acoustically
approximately 3400 record lines/one paper roll
record of actual or average values
calculated MKT - mean kinetic temperature for storing of pharmaceuticals in the PC program
cyclic record - after filling the memory oldest records are overwritten by new
no need to download data - large 1MB memory stores up to 5 years of record permanently in memory
USB interface for record download to the PC
RS232 link for GSM modem connection - G0241 model
fifteen selectable languages, e.g. English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech
degrees of Celsius and Fahrenheit

Technical Characteristics
Measuring temperature range: -90 to +260°C (-130 to +500°F)
Operating temperature range: -30 to +65°C
Operating temperature range of the printer: -20 to +50°C
Compatible temperature probes: with Pt1000/3850ppm sensor (-90 to +260°C)
Accuracy of the input without probe: ±0.2°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Logging interval: user selectable from 1 minute to 60 minutes
Memory capacity: 1MB - 172 032 records from one probe,
102 400 records from two probes (up to 5 years with 15 minutes interval and one probe)
Power: 9 to 32Vdc, protected against alternator load shedding + internal Lithium battery
Consumption while printing: approximately 8 W
Consumption - not printing: approximately 0.1 W
Dimensions of housing: 175 x 124 x 51 mm (w x h x d)
Weight: approximately 430 g
Protection: IP20
Warranty: 2 years