Food hygiene guidelines

The new EU guidelines for food hygiene (HACCP) will soon apply to the whole food sector. temperatures will then have to be monitored on a daily basis:

  •     in the incoming goods department
  •     in the store
  •     during preparation work
  •     in the hot and cold food kitchen
  •     when dishing out food
  •     in deep freeze cabinets

Deep freeze cabinet stipulation

Since 1.1.97, deep freeze cabinets with more than 10m3 should be equipped with the appropriate thermometers. Continuous logging of the air temperature and proof of the data for at least 1 year is required.

Food Industry HACCP Measurements for Food Safety Programs

Α complete range of portable instruments for the food sector from 'Farm to Fork'. This includes instrumentation for Food Processors, Warehousing & Distribution, and Transportation, to Retail, Hospitality & Catering and Food Safety Authorities.

  •     low cost pocket-type thermometers
  •     Contact and non-contact (IR) thermometers with logging options
  •     Data-loggers for food storage and transportation temperature recording
  •     pH instrumentation
  •     Cooking Oil Quality testers.

model 106

The popular instrument suited for fast core temperature monitoring in gastronomy, in hotels, large kitchens, supermarkets etc., with features such as auto hold, 2 measurements per second, audible & optical alarm.

The 106 is a core thermometer and incl. probe protecting cap and battery.
Temperature range -50..+230°C, waterproof protective cover optional.
Optional waterproof and dishwasher -safe protective case (IP 67)
Accuracy ±1 % (+100 to +275 °C)
±0.5 °C (-30 to +99.9 °C)
±1 °C (-50 to -30.1 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Weight 80 g


831/106 - The portable HACCP temperature checking couple

A 831 IR non contact Thermometer and a 106 Core Thermometer for temperature monitoring in gastronomy, in hotels, large kitchens and supermarkets

For certain temperature measurements, non-contact infrared readings are not enough - core temperature readings are still needed. For this purpose, Sigma offers an economic kit with the 831 infrared non contact thermometer and the proven core thermometer 106.

model 112

112, 1-channel temperature measuring instrument NTC/Pt100, calibratable, with battery

connection to an optional radio probe, with battery and calibration protocol. Temperature range -50 to +300 °C with Pt100, waterproof protective cover optional.

Owing to its wide measuring range, model 112 is the ideal temperature measuring instrument for all areas of food monitoring.

model 105

One-hand thermometer supplied with standard measurement tip, incl. battery. 2 user-defined limit values, visual or audible alarm. Temperature range -50..+275°C.

Model 105 thermometer with interchangeable measuring tips for different applications was developed with the help of practitioners in the food industry. One thermometer - three areas of application. Its ergonomic shape and the high-up display make the 105 ideal for use in production, incoming goods inspections for control measurements in abattoirs, refrigerated storerooms and meat processing, trucks, and for frequent repetitive measurements. The backlit display can be read easily even under poor light.
The user can set an upper and lower limit so that an optical or acoustic alarm is given if critical thresholds are exceeded.

Exact measurements on arrival of the product with alarm if limits are exceeded
* Special interchangeable measuring tip for frozen goods
* Probe heads are easy to exchange
* Three different measuring tips for different applications
* Fast and convenient measurement during production
* Robust food thermometer with interchangeable probe tips

model 926

926-1, 1 channel food temperature measuring instrument T/C Type T, audible alarm, connection to an optional radio probe, with battery and calibration protocol.Range -50 to +400 °C, waterproof protective cover optional.
The fast-action, efficient temperature measuring instrument 926 is designed for the food sector. The optional waterproof protection case renders it insensitive to dirt, therefore making it the ideal partner for large-scale kitchens, hotels, restaurants or the food industry. Besides measuring minimum and maximum values, readings can also be printed on site on the IR printer. In addition to the wide range of standard probes with cable, a wireless radio probe can be used simultaneously, if required.

Fast-action probes for every application
Wireless measurement with radio probes possible (optional)
Measurement data printout on site on the optional printer
Indestructible waterproof protection case (optional)
Minimum/maximum value memory
Large backlit display
Auto-Hold automatically recognises full-scale value
Audible alarm (adjustable alarm limits)
Measurement parameters °C, °F.

Model 805 - Mini infrared thermometer and battery

Ideal non-contact thermometer for rapid measurements in institutional, industrial and residential applications.
The mini infrared thermometer can be used anywhere, such as checking the cold shelves of supermarkets or receiving goods inspections. Range -25..+250°C
Small and handy, fits into any jacket pocket
High accuracy in critical areas in the food industry
Packaging remains undamaged
Watertight and robust thanks to the waterproof (IP65) protection case
The waterproof protection case is dishwasher-proof
Also displays minimum and maximum values
Scan mode for continuous measurement

model 826-T3

2 in 1 non-contact & contact thermometer. Set includes waterproof case, wall/belt holder, probe protection cap and frozen food drill. Range -50..+230°C

model 826-T4

2 in 1 non-contact & contact thermometer with laser and alarm, waterproof case, wall/belt holder, protection cap and frozen food drill. Infrared Meas. Range -50 to +300 °C Accuracy ±1.5 °C (-20 to +100°C)±2 °C or 2% of mv (remaining range) Resolution 0.5 °C. Type "NTC"Range -25..+230°C


the indestructible protective instrument cover

Some of the instruments we offer feature a waterproof instrument case which is especially useful in the food sector.

Once the measuring instrument has been used, you can simply place the removable waterproof protection cover in a dishwasher, thus ensuring optimum cleaning and disinfection. The measuring instrument does not have to be cleaned.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plays an increasingly important role in the food production, processing, storage and distribution sectors. Because dangerous bacteria multiply at an extreme rate in the temperature ranges between 5°C and 65°C, it is absolutely essential that the surface of the measuring instrument used is clean at all times to avoid contaminating the product being measured. On account of their design, the instruments available on the market have grooves and edges which make it impossible to clean the whole surface properly. The instrument is not sufficiently cleaned or disinfected if washed only using a cloth and cleaning agent. There are always areas where the bacteria can multiply. This is where the advantages of the special waterproof cover become obvious. Once the measuring instrument has been used simply place the removable protection cover, in a dishwasher thus ensuring optimum cleaning and disinfection. The measuring instrument does not have to be cleaned. The special waterproof cover is made of a highly flexible thermoplastic material which is practically indestructible. This means that the user can enjoy the benefits of the special waterproof cover for a long time. One positive side-effect is the long life of the measuring instrument which is optimally protected against impact and dirt. The special waterproof cover is resistant to all conventional cleaning agents, oils as well as weak alkaline solutions and acids.

The benefits:

  • Optimal cleaning ensuring top hygiene (simply place in dishwasher after use)
  • Ideal for adhering to hygiene guidelines • Protects measuring instrument from impact, dirt and water (protection rating IP68)
  • The special waterproof protection cover can be used as an instrument stand on account of the fold-out bench stand (see laboratory photo) • Extended lifetime of measuring instrument due to the cover's protective function

The special waterproof protective cover is ideal for:


- production
– industry
– processing
– storage
– distribution

Laboratory sector
All applications where the measuring instrument comes into contact with liquids, dust or dirt.