The Reinforcement Bar Locator - Model 120

Locating steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes is essential in the construction and maintenance of structures. Damage caused when a drill or a fastener makes contact with a pipe is costly. A drill making contact with rebar, however, not only destroys the drill bit but could seriously weaken the rebar, leading to serious structural damage.
Before carrying out any maintenance work, it is vital to identify the location, orientation and depth of sub-surface metalwork.
Reinforcement Bar Locators Designed specifically to identify the location and orientation of reinforcement bars and other sub-surface metal objects.

Model 120 Rebar Locator is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of detecting reinforcement bars in concrete.
Widely used before coring or drilling holes to find “safe spots”, model 120 will not only indicate the reinforcement bar’s location and direction but will also give an indication of the depth of concrete cover.
Designed in collaboration with the construction industry, model 120 is an accurate, reliable, easy to use steel reinforcement bar locating instrument, built to last.
Available in both metric and imperial, model 120 is supplied together with a 100mm (4”) search coil, leather case and batteries.

Fast, accurate and stable - A loud audio tone and a clear analogue meter for quick accurate scanning. There is no need to keep zeroing the instrument during use.
High resolution controlled field search head - The strongest signal is in the centre of the search head so model 120 is accurate even when working at very close reinforcement bar centres or near metal objects, for example close to scaffolding or metal window frames.
Versatile instrument - Supplied with a standard 100mm (4”) head it will also accept the 150mm (6”) head and the Borehole probe for locating rebars and locating tendon ducts at great depths (see page 184).
Highly directional detection field - model 120 can quickly and easily distinguish between horizontal and vertical bars – see diagram below.
Headphone socket - Clearly detect the rebar in noisy environments.
Clear Instrument Panel - High quality meter also shows signal strength and battery state.
Identification and orientation of the bar
Model 120 can distinguish between horizontal and vertical bars.
After locating the steel reinforcement bars in the concrete, rotate the rebar locator’s search coil (probe) until the maximum and minimum signals are found.
The maximum signal indicates the bar is running parallel to the search coil’s handle, the minimum signal indicates that the bar is running at 90º to the search coil’s handle

Bar Diameter Detection Depth Resolution of Parallel Bars

mm inches mm inches mm inches
8 0.32 120 4.72 60mm pitch at up to 35mm 2.36” pitch at up to 1.37”
16 0.63 140 5.50 75mm pitch at up to 50mm 2.95” pitch at up to 1.97”
32 1.25 160 6.30 150mm pitch at up to 85mm 5.90” pitch at up to 3.35”