A predictive maintenance sensor

The Zefair series give you a compact compressed air consumption measurement unit with display and totalizer function. A valuable aid to detect leakage areas.

Integrated 4-digit numeric display
The compact monitor features a 4-digit numeric LED display that provides air consumption readings. Microprocessor-based pushbutton programming provides easy set-up. Two display options

  • Nl/min (normal liters/min)
  • Nm3 /h (normal cubic meters/hour)

Four sensor options available

  • DN15 pipe connection, 0,25…75 M3/h measuring range
  • DN25 pipe connection, 0,75…225 M3/h measuring range
  • DN40 pipe connection, 0,75…410 M3/h measuring range
  • DN50 pipe connection, 0,75…700 M3/h measuring range

Micro DC connector
24 VDC unit provides power connection and outputs.

  • Switching output
  • Pulse output
  • Analogue output (4-20 mA)

Integrated pipe length
Ensures easy mounting and proper mounting depth.

The technology behind the Zefair sensor is based on the calorimetric flow sensing principle.

Zefair incorporates two ceramic flow sensing elements that each contain a thermistor.
As one sensor element is heated, the second element is used as a reference. Power is then altered to the heaters to ensure a constant temperature difference
(CTD) between the two elements.

The CTD method allows for greater sensitivity in air consumption, a faster response time, and a wide sensing range. Its acute sensitivity can detect extremely small leaks, yet at the same time, measure the air consumption of high-capacity compressed air systems.

With the compressed air consumption meter, we provide the user with a low-cost opportunity to precisely measure the current compressed air consumption as well as the total consumption. To do so, the sensor is mounted and adjusted in a pipe length at the factory.

Due to the high sensitivity even minute quantities, like those that for example occur in case of leakage, are detected at an early stage and can be repaired.

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