Model 236 – Thermal on-line “Fever Scanning & Detection System”

Model 236 on-line Infrared Thermal is a professional Fever Scanning Detection System that has been specifically designed to accurately detect persons with fever and possible virus infection like SARS, H5N1 and H1N1 with thermal imaging even in flowing crowds, with high efficiency and distinguish those with elevated temperature,. With its normal size, it integrates a wide assortment of features that deliver unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, convenience and productivity. Model 236 Thermal Fever Scanning & Detection System is the ideal equipment to have in the airports, ports, stations, assembly areas, big chain stores, etc., and it is the first line of defence to control and decrease the spreading of fever related viruses.


Very accurate (0.3°C)
Precise single & multiple hot spots tracing and alarm
Razor-sharp digital and thermal imaging
Real-time high-frequency data capture transmission & storage
Communication with Data base and Network
Intelligent object differentiation avoiding false alarm & interference
Professional & user friendly software enabling maintenance free operation


Accuracy: 0.3°C
Detector: 384×288 Uncooled Array
Spectral range: 8-14µm
NETD: 0.08°C @30°C
Temperature range: 0°C -+50°C
Frame frequency: 50/60 Hz
Field of view: 13.7°x 10.3°
Focusing range: 50cm -∞
Spatial resolution: 1.0mrad
Ambient compensation: Auto/manual
Communication: RS485 serial
Video output: PAL/NTSC

Using the most advanced UFPA detector in the world

Pixels: 384*288
Pixels pitch: 35μm
Spectral range: 8 ~ 14 μm
NETD: 0.08°C
Frame frequency: 50Hz

Measure 110 000 pixels’ temperature simultaneously

Obtain 10 persons’ temperature information instantly from floating crowds

Thermal & digital imaging at the same time
Picking the persons with high temperature from the crowds

Alarm information can be sent to the monitoring office automatically

System can be updated, rebooted, and remotely controlled via intranet

Accurate & Stable Temperature Measurement

Thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C ensures high accurac of temperature measurement
Auto correction of human body’s outside and inside temperature difference
Built-in shutter ensures the stability of temperature measurement

Intelligent software for easy and effective inspection
Shield existed hot objects (light box or advertising board) to avoid false alarm and interference

Auto-save alarm thermal & digital image and video for replay later

The system especially designed for Airports, Ports, Stations, etc.

If your requirements are for less demanding applications the alternative will be