New Dynamic Smart key management system offers real-time control and traceability

The Smart Key Manager uses RFID to guarantee high levels of security and productivity
A new security product that combines key management with real-time traceability. Using RFID technology to guarantee a high level of reliability, the Smart Key Manager can accept up to 16 key modules, controlling a total of 256 keys.

The product’s webserver interface allows the system to be checked and managed in real-time via a web browser from a PC, tablet or smartphone; no software needs to be installed. The system indicates which keys are present in or absent from the cabinet, who has taken each key and when. Via email, managers can choose to be kept informed of key movement, inform others and monitor several levels of administrators.
Full or partial access to keys can be given remotely via the interface, ensuring that individuals can only access keys relevant to them. The Smart Key Manager offers three levels of security by requiring users to prove their identity with a badge, PIN code or a combination of the two.
Aside from peace of mind, the system increases productivity as keys normally held by members of staff who are suddenly taken ill can be transferred to other workers.
When a user needs access to a key, they first need to prove their identity with their badge or PIN code. The control panel then displays the list of keys that the user is authorised to remove. The user chooses the appropriate key, waits for the key movement to be registered, and removes the key that is now free.
To return the key, the user holds the key fob in front of the control panel and the Smart Key Manager indicates where the key should be inserted and trapped.