Speed monitoring applications

Exhaust & Centrifugal Fans
Monitor fan speed and loss of required (CFM) caused by loose drive belts, and/or fan slow down caused by build up of material on the fan blades.

Screw Conveyors
Monitor and verify starting and stopping. Protect against overloading, jamming, drive slippage or breakage.

Rotary Airlocks
Monitor starting, stopping, jamming, caused by foreign material and/or drive breakage.

Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators
Protect against overloading and loose conveyor belt slippage. Control the sequential starting and stopping of other process machines.

Continuous Ovens, Freezing Tunnels
Monitor the speed of slow speed conveyors. Protect against unauthorized slow down or stoppage of conveyor belt. Can sound alarm, shut off heat and/or stop preceding equipment.

Dust Collectors, Bag Houses
Monitor the rotation of slow moving air purge sweep arms. Protect dust collection system against the failure of sweep arm drive, avoiding the filter bags from loading up with dust and eventually plugging the system.

Speed Measurement in Conveying/Handling Operations
Monitoring speed, volume or transfer rate.

Counting Operations
Monitoring rates for blending, inventory control, linear measurements.

Process Control
Regulating and integrating complex processes in real time.

Alarm Systems
Alerting operators or taking secondary action in response to established alarm conditions

Baking Industry

ID, IM, KD, OA sensors used in countless applications in bakeries such as level monitoring of wet yeast, wrapper monitoring, position monitoring of trays, etc. etc.