In-line moisture measurements in bulk solids

Model H3000 is an ideal system for in-line moisture measurements in solids, such as granules, powders and pellets, even in hazardous environments.

A digital moisture measurement method with a watch-dog function, guarantees the highest accuracy by eliminating transmission errors. All measurements are shown in large digital high resolution LCD. Soft-keys and a graph display format user interface allow for easy and user friendly operation. Automatic temperature and long-term drift compensation as well as digital, analog, and alarm outputs are standard. The H3000 is indispensable when monitoring the levels of moisture during process and on control lines for quality control applications.

An additional application is that the input of energy for drying systems can be optimized creating enormous savings.
With certain applications, the cost of installation can be recovered within a fortnight.

The high frequency measurement principle used not only measures surface moisture like conventional infrared systems but also capillary moisture. Calibration is a snap with only 2 set-points required.


High accuracy, better than 0.1% (depending on material)
Moisture range:
Min. 0,000 - 0,100%, max. 0,0 - 85,0%, with 1-, 2 or 3 decimal points.
Temperature range:
Span min.: 0-5° C, Span max.: 0-120° C zero point selectable
Noise-immune by digital signal transmission
Easy set-up, low installation costs
High speed measurements
Integrated data-logger function
Sensor distance from instrument up to 1000m (3,000 ft)
320 x 240 pixel LCD
Graph format display
Memory for up to 8 materials (expandable to 24 materials)
2 isolated analog mA outputs
2 isolated digital outputs
2 relay alarms
RS-232 interface (optional RS-485)
H3000 is available in three housing configurations - bench type, field housing and for 19" rack systems.

application examples:

- Coal, coal powder
- Sand/gravel, quartz powder
- Fertilizer, phosphate, salt/potash
- Slurry
- Pigment, APS Styropor
- Bricks (raw material)
- Ceramic
- Gypsum
- Compost
- Wood chips, wood powder
- Tobacco
- Grain, malt, corn, wheat, gluten, flaked corn, starch, soy beans flour, rape-seed flour
- Sugar beet, beet pulp, beet chip
- Raw coffee
- Animal food, fish flour, feed (pellet)
- Potato industry, flour
- Sauce powder, milk powder