Proximity Sensor Connectors

The electrical connection of sensors via connectors has become more and more important in the last few years. Easy handling as well as high uptime of the machine are paramount for the customer and require high-quality and reliable products.

Due to the large variety of sensor designs, we offer a wide standard range of high-quality products covering the families M8, M12, M18 through to the valve connectors.

The M12 design in particular has become firmly established on the sensor market for many years and is therefore the preferred choice for extremely harsh applications.

To be able to meet the different application requirements three product series have been developed with the following application focus.

M12 series with cable for factory automation:

Our standard series for industrial use. Halogen-free PUR cable with high resistance to alternate bending stress, PUR housing material, gold-plated contacts and protection rating IP68 guarantee long life in an oily and greasy environment.

M12 series with cable for the food industry:
A series specified for this market sector. High-quality PVC cable and housing materials, coupling nuts of high-grade stainless steel (316S12) as well as gold-plated contacts are ideal prerequisites for use in wet areas. Due to the high protection rating IP68 and IP69K the products withstand high-pressure steam cleaning or the most commonly used cleaning agents.

M12 series with cable for welding

Specially for use in automated welding systems, i.e. for welding robots several product features must be reliably met. This includes a long life of resistance to weld slag the connectors are continuously exposed to.

The irradiated halogen-free PUR cables that prevent the weld slag from burning into the cable and damage it provide an especially efficient protection. Teflon coated coupling nuts prevent the connector from being welded with the sensor and a special polyester fleece strip foil in the cable ensures a long life even if there is high torsional stress, e.g. in robot arms.

These advantages are complemented by the UL and CSA approval for acceptance on the world market which specially convinces customers in the export business

We offer sensors with 3 types of connectors

  • potted cable
  • plug and socket
  • terminal