HMI: Operating and Monitorying Machine Interface

Operating and monitoring with PMI - Pilz Machine Interface

NOW available in 5 sizes: 5.7," 6.5," 10.4," 12.1," & 15.0"

Touch screens suitable for use in industrial environments, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments through its heat-stable, vibration tolerant, and shock-tested design. The front panel is protected from dust and sprayed water. Its open hardware can be connected to multiple PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). It is available with communication drivers and graphical software for quick set-up and customized diagnostics.

Systems that can be used to visualize and influence the process serve as a link between operator and machine. When an error occurs, diagnostics on the plant and machinery play a special role. Good diagnostics also mean shorter downtimes and therefore greater economy.

We offer the most diverse range of systems to perform these tasks, from the diagnostic unit PMImicro diag through to the powerful operator terminals with touchscreen, PMIvisu and PMIopen. So customised, complete solutions that meet your requirement are simple to implement.

Diagnostic operator terminal - PMImicro diag

The diagnostic unit for programmable safety systems PSS, the safe bus system SafetyBUS p and the modular safety system PNOZmulti, for rapid, full diagnostics.

Operator terminals with touchscreen

The complete solution PMIvisu User-friendly graphics touchscreen terminals for diagnostics on PSS programmable safety systems. Performs the graphics functions for standard controllers; can even manage several controllers at once.

The open hardware platform PMIopen, Windows graphics touchscreen terminals for operating customised software.

Line-based operator terminals
PX and PXT line-based display and operator terminals are used to display simple messages in plain text and to operate plant and machinery.
Also see: emergency stip units, light curtain monitors, motion control, power monitoring relays, programmable safety systems (PSS), safe bus systems, safety assessment, safety mats, safety relays, safety switches, voltage monitoring relays