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Highly Accurate Digital Industrial Crane Scales

Time and money can be saved by weighing the load while moving it. We offer a comprehensive capacity range from 0~500 kg up to 0~200 tons with robust professional designs that enables solutions to a variety of different applications in industrial environments. The scales have a clear display and they can be equipped with hand-held display units or radio data transmission to a ground station or a PC in the office. Information on material, customer, price, stock etc.  can also be transmitted. There are special models for foundries and for weighing long pieces.


Model Sigma BCSD with remote digital indication - very popular

  • Accuracy 0.1%.
  • Breaking strength five times of capacity.
  • Allowed peak load two times of capacity.
  • Taring range 100% of capacity.
  • Scale and battery operated remote control connected with a 10m cable.
  • Remote control has Graphic LCD display (64x128 mm) with white LED backlight.
  • Nonvolatile memory for 1800 weighing results with time and date.
  • USB port for charging and data upload to PC.
  • Charging time: 5 hours.
  • Automatic zeroing and check-up when starting scale.
  • Summing function.
  • Numeric material code, 8 digits. Peak load function for highest and lowest load
  • Available as lbs and kN display versions.
  • Scale protection rating IP65.

Capacity:0~500/0~1.000/0~2.000/0~3.200/0~5.000/0~6.300/0~10.000/ 0~20.000/0~32.000/0~50.000/0~75.000/0~100.000/0~200.000 kgs.

Model Sigma BCSDBT with wireless remote digital indication

  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% of capacity
  • Breaking strength: 500% of capacity
  • Allowed peak load: 200% of capacity
  • Taring range: 100% of capacity
  • Working temperature: -10°C...+55°C
  • Scale protection rating IP 65
  • Scale with battery exchange system
  • Scale with internal bluetooth modem
  • Bluetooth data transfer between Scale and hand-held DR10BT display unit


  • For scale operation, weighing result viewing and data transfer from distance through Bluetooth
  • Menu based interface with easy-to-use keyboard
  • Nonvolatile memory for 1800 weighing results with time and date
  • Charge level display
  • Graphic LCD display (64x128 mm) with white LED backlight
  • Operation time: 40 hours
  • Operation range: 100 m on line of sight
  • Operation frequency: 2,4 GHz
  • Automatic pairing with load cell
  • Battery type: 2 x NiMh AA, 2100 mAh
  • USB port for charging and data upload to PC
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Automatic zeroing and check-up when starting scale
  • Summing function
  • Numeric material code, 8 digits
  • Peak load function for highest and lowest load
  • Available as lbs and kN display versions

Capacity:0~20.000/0~32.000/0~50.000/0~75.000/0~100.000/0~200.000 kgs.


Model Sigma ECS

An economic robust and compact crane scale
it allows you to weigh reliably and accurately during transfer, eliminating the need to move objects to and from stationary scales.

Easy to use
You just hang the crane scale on the crane hook and switch it on. Everything is ready for weighing.

Rugged, safe and accurate
Sigma ECS crane scales are designed and manufactured for demanding industrial use. The breaking strength of the load cell is five times the rated capacity. An advanced measuring algorithm and special movement compensation ensure accurate weighing even if the load is swinging.

Technical data

  • Advanced design for demanding applications
  • Robust construction
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Superior accuracy ±0,05% of capacity
  • Four digit 25 mm LCD display with backlight
  • Taring 100% of capacity
  • Gross/net function
  • Load cell breaking strength 500% of capacity
  • Overload warning
  • Energy efficient
  • Operation time with fully-charged battery at least 250 hours
  • Operation temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F)
  • Cast aluminium case with IP65 rating
  • Capacity:0~500/0~2.000/0~3.200/0~6.300/0~8.000/0~10.000kgs
  • Weight (with shackles): 2t – 6,3t  12kg, 8t – 10t 22kg

Set includes External charger, Battery, Remote control, and 2 shackles.

Model Sigma SCS

available with 9 options for different industrial applications (ie special version for foundies).

  • Accuracy 0.05% capacity 0~3200 kg - 0~50 tons.
  • OIML III approved.
  • Taring 100 % of capacity.
  • Gross/net function.
  • Load cell breaking strength 500% of capacity.
  • Allowed peak load 200 % of capacity.
  • Overload warning.
  • Protection rating IP65.


Model Sigma SCS with radio control

The set Includes model SCS with DR10 handheld radio remote control.

The DR10 handheld has a bright graphical display, summing function and non-volatile data memory for up to 1000 weighing results with time and data label. Can send control commands to the scale and view readings from a distance. The data can be transferred to PC conveniently via USB connection. Operational range up to 200 m on the line of sight.


Model Sigma SCS the special Cross Beam Crane Scale

The best & easiest solution for weighing long objects.
Consists of a regular SCS crane Scale plus an extra loadcell. The scale and LCSCS load cell are connected in series with a spiral cable. The total weight of the load is shown on the display of the scale.


  • Cast Aluminium Casing - IP65 rated
  • Five Digit 50mm LED display
  • Operation time up to 65 hours
  • Gross/net & zeroing function
  • Overload warning
  • Operation temperature –20°C to + 55°C
  • Automatic standby mode if unused for 10 minutes
  • Real time clock, date & time
  • Digital filter to assure superior stability with moving loads
  • Operation time with fully charge battery over 100 hours
  • Options:Verification Certificate for EC Approved model only
  • Includes: External charger, 4 button infrared remote control, up to 10 ton capacity - Eye hook with connection piece, not swivelling hook, From 20 ton onwards - 2 x Hook, ring and connection piece, Spiral cable + plug for separate use of the SCSplus scale, Calibration certificate

Capacity:3200kg+3200kg*; 6300kg+6300kg*; 10000kg+10000kg*; 20000kg+20000kg**; 32000kg+32000kg**; 50000kg+50000kg**

Model Sigma SCS-F the special foundry scale

Model SCS-F is equipped with an insulated protection shield. The display is also shielded against melt metal splashes with polycarbonate cover.

A four-channel infra red remote controller is equipped with the scale. The remote controller has the same function buttons as the scale has. The operation distance is up to 20 m.

Technical Data

  • Accuracy ±0.05% of capacity
  • Load cell breaking strength 500% of capacity
  • Allowed peak hold 200% of capacity
  • Tarring range 100% of capacity
  • Working temperature range -20°C to +90°C
  • Large and bright LED display, 5 digits and 50 mm high
  • Push buttons for On/Off, Zero, Tare, G/N
  • Four-channel infra red remote controller
  • Automatic zeroing and check-up when starting the scale
  • Battery operated, operating time 100 h per full charge
  • Overload warning if load exceeds capacity by 9 increments
  • Battery voltage indication in ten steps when starting the scale
  • Low battery voltage warning
  • External charger, 230V, 50Hz, charging time 8 h
  • Over charging protection
  • Automatic shut off if not used for 10 minutes
  • Digital filter to assure superior stability with moving loads
  • Real-time clock, date and time
  • Cast aluminum case IP 65

Delivery includes

  • Lifting equipment
  • External charger with 2 m cable for the scale
  • Four channel infra red remote control unit for short distances
  • Heat radiation shielding for the scale
  • Display protection cover